There’s a good chance, based on past iPhone history, that the iPhone 13 release date will fall in either September or October, although we may only have to wait a couple of months for the iPhone 12S.

However, if you’re thinking of upgrading for the first time in 2021, it’s worth waiting, because the iPhone 13 is likely to be a lot better than the iPhone 12S.

New features include the 3D selfie camera, a larger screen, a triple-lens rear camera, an updated processor and a whole lot more.

In terms of the iPhone 13 release date, we’d expect to see the new version land in September, although there’s a chance that Apple will take an early summer break and unveil the phone in mid-June, similar to the iPhone 11 in 2018.

That would make sense, given that the iPhone 11 was released in September, and the iPhone 1 10 in June, so Apple may have made a mistake launching two iPhones in the same month in 2019.

We don’t have any concrete details on the iPhone 13 price just yet. However, the iPhone 11 currently retails for between $749 and $1,109 , depending on storage, so you can expect the new phone to be similarly priced.

As for other features, there’s a good chance we’ll see a bigger screen, reports have suggested that the iPhone 13 could come with a triple-lens rear camera, a larger battery and the A13 chip.

We’ve also heard that the iPhone 13 might come with a green power button, which is supposed to improve the phone’s performance, and might also include a new gesture control system.

Apple is expected to stick with OLED for the iPhone 13, which means you can expect the display to offer beautiful colors, deep blacks and high contrast, while the battery should last longer than the iPhone 12S.

It’s possible that we might even see a larger iPhone 13 Pro model that looks similar to the iPhone 11 Pro , although this might not be released until 2020.

If you’re looking to upgrade, it’s worth holding out for the iPhone 13, which will almost certainly be a better phone, but if you don’t want to wait, the iPhone 12S is still a decent phone.

Cut to the chase

The iPhone 12S will be the final iPhone to use the Lightning port, which could be a problem for some potential buyers, and although it might not be as good as the iPhone 13, it’s still a decent phone.

We’ve heard that the iPhone 13 will come with a four-pin connector, but we don’t know if this will be an adapter for the Lightning port or a completely new port.

We’re not expecting to see Apple make the transition to USB-C until the iPhone 14, but that might not be a problem for everyone.

If you’re looking for a cheap iPhone, the iPhone 12S might be the way to go. It’s also possible that Apple will release a cheaper version of the iPhone 13, although it’s not clear whether that will be a smaller screen iPhone 13 Mini or a cheaper iPhone 13 Pro model.

The iPhone 12S is available to pre-order, so you can get your hands on the iPhone 12S right now if you’re willing to pay in advance.

However, if you’d prefer to wait, you can always put a pre-order in and cancel it later, or you can wait until the iPhone 13 release date is announced and then pick up a new handset.

iPhone 13 release date and price

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 around September or October, so you may have to wait several months before you can get your hands on the new handset.

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