Hair on the runways is getting bigger and beachier, and for our latest G. Label shoot, GP worked with
top Dove hairstylist Mark Townsend to get a just-woke-up-like-this look inspired by the beach, the recent Louis
Vuitton show, and even—dare we say it—a sort of ’80s big-hair feeling. “We talked about, ‘Let’s do the pretty
version of that major big hair,’” laughs LA-based Townsend. “With ‘pretty’ meaning we held back a little,
tamed the frizz, and gave it a little polish.”

“I liked the idea that you’d have these great waves, but they wouldn’t match, you know?” says goop fashion
director Ali Pew. Townsend agrees: “People think beach hair and they create big identical barrel curls around
the front, which definitely isn’t what you look like after a day at the beach.” Instead, Townsend focused on
amping up volume, wave, and texture. His (incredibly easy) step-by-step guide to getting the look works whether
you have wildly curly hair, thin hair with little body, or anything in between. “You don’t need GP’s actual hair
to do this,” he says. “It’s great no matter what your hair type or texture. It takes some effort to look this
effortless—but not that much.”

GP’s tip? What you wash your hair with makes a huge difference. “I did the Himalayan pink salt
scrub shampoo in the shower first thing,” she says. “It gives your hair the best texture to start with.”

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