Interested in purchasing your own Avocado mattress? Use code HONOR to receive $100 off your purchase of a Green and Vegan Hybrid Mattress. Sale ends June 7th.

Earlier this year, I became an aunt for the first time, and I’ll have another new niece or nephew in a few months. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to meet these little people in person, but I realize that our house isn’t precisely baby-proofed; there are uncovered outlets galore, cords are plentiful, and plants are everywhere. We’ve never had to do any kind of babyproofing in this house, which made me realize that our kids are growing up. 

I don’t subscribe to the “This is why we can’t have nice things” philosophy of design while parenting (when it comes to humans or animals, for that matter). You can have nice things while also keeping in mind that items get used. Most often, they’re used aggressively, which may lead to wear and tear or damage. These are truths I tell myself when I see vomit on the rug or rips in curtains.

The most quickly worn-out items in our home are our kids’ mattresses. We purchased their mattresses during the transition from crib to toddler bed. As hopeful as I was to keep them just a little bit longer, between the move, the dogs, the jumping on the beds, and the nighttime potty training, they needed to go.

We are a family with different sleep needs. Joe has a bad back, which is why we have an adjustable mattress in the main bedroom. We’ve got pillow-top beds for guests (who am I kidding…the “guest room” is where Joe or I retreat in the middle of the night when the entire crew piles into our bed), and, with the kids growing out of their old mattresses, we required two more. When looking for mattresses for them, we wanted to find an option that would last longer than their taste in Paw Patrol bedding, which is why we decided to upgrade the kids’ mattresses to Avocado

Avocado is an organic mattress brand based out of Los Angeles and a sustainable, Certified B Corp. Avocado’s products are organic and its factories are powered by renewable energy, all things we didn’t expect from an average mattress brand.

Avocado’s mattresses and bedding are certified organic and non-toxic—no polyester, polyurethane foams, or toxic fire retardants. I look at these mattresses as investment pieces; my kids are 3 and 4, and I know that these mattresses will last for years to come. Even they know they are sleeping on “grown-up” beds, actively participating in my plea to use the bathroom before naps and bedtime.

The Avocado commitment to sustainability while producing a quality product impressed me, but what won me over was their delivery and installation service. While it’s fun to watch your mattress unroll from a tiny box, what’s more powerful (and satisfying) is having your new mattress delivered, installed in any room, and all the packaging materials cleared away by Avocado’s white-glove installation service. We upgraded our delivery to have our old mattresses removed as well. This add-on is WELL WORTH the money. If you’ve never tried to dispose of an old mattress, it’s not fun (and it’s rarely cheap!). (Be sure to check with Avocado to see if your location is eligible for this additional removal service.)

The design geek in me was thrilled with the attention to detail of the mattress. The tufted buttons, the colored piping, and even the logo on the mattress side were considered. If Avocado put this much attention to detail into these little things, you know they paid attention to the big stuff too. 

I’m not sure if the kids can tell the difference in mattresses, but as someone who has fallen asleep more than once in their beds, I sure can. 

Interested in purchasing your own Avocado mattress? Use code HONOR to receive $100 off your purchase of a Green and Vegan Hybrid Mattress. Sale ends June 7.

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