1. A lawyer to make my will.  
  2. A mechanic to switch out the snow tires. 
  3. An accountant to do my tax return. 
  4. Someone to fix a window that floods when it rains. 
  5. A plumber to repair my leaky kitchen faucet.

These kind of expenditures come up all the time, for all of us, and it’s safe to say they don’t fit anyone’s definition of Shopping for Happiness.

Like death and taxes, we can’t escape the cost of living.

Thinking about this can make me want to cling more tightly to my money, since it’s sure to be needed for some yet-to-happen crisis or unavoidable repair.  But…it can also make me feel okay about shelling out for some fun things, especially ones that cost a fraction of what I’ll be paying accountants and lawyers and tradespeople this month.

Money is going to go; you might as well get some enjoyment out of some of it while you can. (Writing a will is a great way to remind yourself that you can’t take it with you.)

I’m glad to say I have at least one service coming up in April that does meet the criteria of Shopping for Happiness. This weekend I’m buying a make-up lesson from an expert who specializes in helping, um, not-super-young women update their looks. If I learn how to hide my under-eye circles, you’ll be the first to know!   


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