As a regular gym go-er before the whole world turned upside down, it felt a little disheartening to say goodbye to my collection of cute workout clothes at the start of last year. I know most people consider leggings a wardrobe staple, but outside of the gym, I confess I rarely ever wore them in a true sartorial sense. That was until I discovered Girlfriend Collective—the IG famous, cult activewear brand championed for its size inclusivity, and ethically made workout clothes. In a feeble attempt to get enthused over working out at home—FYI I hate home workouts—I bought a set from the brand after hearing so many glowing reviews from friends. I was not disappointed.

Although I quickly dropped working out at home (told you I’m a gym person!) I kept wearing the set everywhere I went. It was a cool, figure-hugging alternative to sweatsuits, and the simple, elevated design made it easy to wear with any layer I threw over it. Shortly after my obsession with minimal activewear sets was born, and now that I can officially hit the elliptical and weight room in full form, you can bet I’m shopping for more. 

In case you’re wondering, no, these aren’t the frumpy workout clothes you may have worn in PE years ago—these activewear sets take the elevated look of athleisure and combine it with sporty performance ability to make it through an hour of yoga, HIIT, boxing, or all the above. Consider it the fully evolved form of athleisure that you can actually break a sweat in. Read on to check out all of the gorgeous sets I’m tempted to buy as well as how a few of our favorite fashion girls are wearing them.

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