Hello, hello! Welcome to my office tour! I am finally done renovating this room and I’ve been working through adding the final touches of decor. I’ll show you every detail in this post! As most of you probably know, I work from home full time. During the weekends, this space doubles as a craft zone with my kids where we watch Disney+ and eat endless animal crackers and glue buttons to construction paper. It’s a magical space! Then, on Monday morning, I clean it all up and start over again. I LOVE this routine and this phase of life. I designed the room to be a functional office, with bonus features.

Before we jump in, would you like to see some BEFORE and after pics???

This view THRILLS ME because rarely does a room turn out this close to the vision in my head. I looooove the wallpaper and the island desk is super functional! I am still planning to change the 1990s-shaped window to a rectangle in the future and add curtains at that point.

Flipping around the other direction here. I will talk more about the Murphy door later in this post. Along that back wall/corner I would still like to add two large chairs or loveseats and a lamp. I really love the flow of this room! There is plenty of space and we were able to optimize it pretty well!

And, of course, this view is my ABSOLUTE fave. I love the contrast of patterns, the colors, and it’s a pure luxury to have a place to stash my office snacks. I’ve had quite a few home offices through the years and this one is the total dream! I will never get over this little nook—it’s my favorite. (You can read more about my coffee bar here).

OK, let’s start here! The combination of the Fireclay Tile and the Hygge & West wallpaper is my absolute favorite detail of the office! I have never done a colored tile before, and it felt really scary at first, but I absolutely love it!

Links: Faucet / Shelf Hardware (mine are the 7″) / Brass Cabinet Pulls / FridgeCabinet Paint Color

Here are a few more pics so you can really see the space! We went with a simple butcher block counter that is white washed. I have been collecting mugs from Etsy and ceramic artists for the past year or so, and I love displaying them all here on this single shelf.

OK, let’s talk about the desk! We took three kitchen cabinets from IKEA, built out the sides to create an island, and then had a stone place add a quartz countertop to it. It’s an AMAZING desk. I love that it provides a ton of storage as well as a place to spread out and make crafts!

Here’s a link to the hardware.

The wallpaper is Sonoma (in white) by Hygge and West.

I have used their wallpapers in my past three homes. I’m planning to use this pattern in our breakfast room this summer (so here’s a sneak peek!).

I decided to wallpaper the ceiling in this room because if you look at the “before” pics, you can see that it was vaulted, but not in a cool way. To make it cozier I knew I wanted to paint, wallpaper, or panel the ceilings. The wallpaper ended up working out perfectly! My wallpaper installer, Bill, said that this is a very forgiving pattern to use on these types of ceilings. You would not want to use something like stripes where the mismatching would stand out. As it is, I can’t even notice the seams!

I know this floral isn’t for everyone, but I LOVE IT for our space. I wanted something warm and nostalgic. It completely transformed the feel of it. I feel like I’m in a ’90s movie like Home Alone and I loveeee it. It brings pure joy to my heart every single day.

As I was planning this space, I debated whether it was a good idea to have a TV. I was afraid it would be a waste since I don’t plan to watch it during work (OK … maybe an occasional Nancy Meyers movie while I make a time consuming craft). I ended up deciding to do it so that we could put cartoons on while the kids make crafts during the weekend. It has been a HUGE hit with them. Even though we have a movie room with a way bigger screen, they prefer to watch TV in here so they can make crafts and art. I love it so much. Special memories! I want it to last forever. These little TV chairs were a great buy as well. I love that they are personalized.

By the way, we LOVE the frame TV and highly recommend it! We actually purchased this TV for our last home, right before we moved.

Links: Chairs / Samsung Frame TV (and the wooden frame we used) / Hanging Planter / Console Table (with this hardware)

I looove these monogramed chairs.

Let’s talk about the fridge for just a sec. It’s a great drink fridge—perfect for an office space or a secondary fridge. I don’t recommend it for a main fridge unless you don’t keep much food at home. They do make a bigger one though that’s still a great price. These are a great dupe for SMEG if it’s out of your price range. I’m linking the SMEGS here as well—I’m a lifelong fan!

Links:  White Fridge / Top Freezer SMEGBottom Freezer SMEG

Links: Murphy Door / Crock Vase / Faux Plants (1, 2, 3)

Let’s discuss the Murphy door. I found mine on this site. I have gotten a lot of questions on how the stuff stays on the shelf when you open the door. Sticky velcro is the solution I chose.

Links: Basket / Vases 1, 2 / Similar Dresses 1, 2.

Thank you so much for joining along! If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments! I’m definitely open to doing more followup posts about this room! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Originally found on abeautifulmess.com