Grilled, fried, roasted, raw—there are countless ways to make absolutely delicious fish recipes. But when you’re looking for a healthy, easy meal, there’s nothing like a simple baked salmon to really hit the spot. It’s a light yet deeply satisfying dish every time. That said, simple does not have to equal boring! We’ve been on the hunt for the best baked salmon recipes around, and you can rest assured that this collection won’t disappoint.

Fish dishes are some of our go-to’s for easy mid-week meals, but it’s also the perfect protein for a festive dinner. Think about it, you just prepare it ahead of time and then toss it in the oven, leaving you free to mingle with your loved ones while it cooks up. It’s all in the marinade and cook time. Between all the different kinds and cuts of fish, marinade flavors, side dishes, and additional ingredients, the possibilities are endless!

Today we are all about salmon, and baked salmon dishes are not only convenient, but they’re incredibly delicious and healthful. From what we can tell, the best baked salmon recipes all have one thing in common: the fresher the fish, the better! So take a trip to your local fishmonger and make yourself a truly tasty treat.

Scroll on for some of the best baked salmon recipes on our radar.

You’re gonna love this unique baked salmon dish full of zesty unexpected flavors and textures.

This recipe is flavor-packed, delicious, and super easy to make and clean up thanks to its cute little parchment wrapping.

Easy, light and fresh, and tasty as can be. This is the perfect weeknight meal!

While this recipe is a touch more on the indulgent side, we couldn’t help but include it. It’s too good to resist!

Get ready for the most tender, moist, and buttery salmon of your life with this perfect, go-to recipe.

Get ready to feast on this drool-worthy baked salmon recipe. You won’t believe it’s not from a high-end restaurant!

This just might be the easiest and most ideal dinner for one, but it’s also perfect to serve for a crowd. Quick, simple, healthful, and absolutely delish.

Hoisin sauce makes everything delicious, and paired with a refreshing, crunchy zucchini slaw, it’s a surefire crowd-pleaser.

You may want the fishmonger to remove the skin of your salmon for this scrumptious, bright, and super summery baked salmon dish.

There’s nothing like a maple glaze to add a touch of sweet richness to any fish, but it really takes this salmon recipe to the next level.

If you’re looking for a baked salmon dish that is completely unexpected, check out this strawberry basil glazed salmon recipe. It’s a bold dish that’s as easy as it is yummy.

Add a little kick to your baked salmon dinner with this chile-caper vinaigrette recipe. The spiciness of the vinaigrette is a lovely juxtaposition to the usually mellow flavor of baked salmon.

We can’t get enough of the delicious crunch the pistachio crust gives this easy, delicious salmon recipe.

All you need are 20 minutes for this gluten-free baked salmon recipe from Minimalist Baker. It’s a lovely dish that’s loaded with flavor.

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