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“It all started with an orgasm,” says Lora Haddock DiCarlo of her namesake cutting-edge vibrator line. “I was twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old, and I was with this partner who just really knew what they were doing, and they delivered what is known as a blended orgasm.” For the uninitiated: A blended orgasm is when you’re experiencing two orgasms simultaneously. It happens when two places, like the glans clitoris and the G-spot, are stimulated at once. “This type of orgasm literally made me feel like I was having a seizure and a religious awakening at the same time,” DiCarlo says. “I shuddered right off the side of the bed and lay there for ten minutes, with one leg fished up on the bed, drooling and staring at the ceiling, just thinking, Oh my god, how do I do that again by myself?”

DiCarlo eventually realized two things: that there wasn’t a toy on the market that fit the bill (yet) and that she wasn’t alone. “Through some of the women I was dating—I’m pansexual—I discovered that this isn’t just me. Other women have the same kind of orgasm if it’s done right as well.”

A years-long data-gathering mission followed as DiCarlo tried to piece together how to create a product that could deliver a blended orgasm. She started asking people: Where is your glans clitoris in relation to your vaginal canal? Where is your G-spot located? What kind of sensations do you want to have? What kind of movements and feelings turn you on? “Everybody was nervous and embarrassed about these questions. But then they would get excited because they realized they were in a safe space and they could talk to me, and they hadn’t had anybody to talk about sex with,” DiCarlo says. “Every single person that I asked didn’t know nearly enough about their own body to answer those questions initially. I had to walk people through it. I ended up creating a diagram to show people where these spots were and how to measure them and talk about them.”

What she eventually found was that there were movements that people liked consistently, across the board, no matter where they’re being touched: deep pressure, swirling motions, tapping motions, stroking come-hither motions. This research eventually led to the launch of Lora DiCarlo’s first product for blended orgasms, the Osé. And it inspired a full line of toys, all engineered for thoughtful, pleasure-driven sensations—they’re unlike any other vibrators we’ve tried before. Below, our four favorites.


If you’re not sure what leads to your most intense orgasms, one (or several) of these four massagers can help you figure it out—it’s a rewarding journey. Their moving parts mimic human touch by stroking and tapping like fingers, swirling like a partner’s tongue, or warming up against the skin.


    Instead of a more classic rumbling sensation, Carezza makes a tapping motion with the small, motorized tip under its silicone surface. It runs at ten speeds: The slowest is great for warming up, and the fastest will take you to the finish line. “It’s all about the fact that is that it goes from a very, very slow tapping motion all the way up to an intense deep, rumbly drumming. And this thing moves fast,” DiCarlo says. “It fits well in your hand; the pad of it is shaped like a finger. It feels similar to somebody stroking or tapping on the clitoris.”

    Lora DiCarlo CAREZZA goop, $140

    Lora DiCarlo
    goop, $140



    Made to mimic a stroking sensation, Onda is a perfect companion for exploring internal stimulation. What sets this toy apart from other internal stimulators is that it makes a come-hither motion like a finger against the vaginal wall. See that subtle bump along its length? When you turn Onda on, that bump lifts up and moves back and forth under Onda’s soft silicone surface. “Onda has a vibrational boost in it, but it’s designed for G-spot or P-spot stimulation utilizing biomimicry. It’s got this targeted stroking sensation along the shaft,” DiCarlo says. “It’s designed to help you find that G-spot or P-spot. It can deliver explosive orgasms.” To help build arousal and explore, you can pick from four positions—long and short strokes included—and ten stroking speeds.

    Lora DiCarlo ONDA goop, $180

    Lora DiCarlo
    goop, $180



    “‘Filare’ means ‘to spin’ in Italian,” DiCarlo says. “This was another requested sensation: the sensation of a swirling tongue.” Instead of a vibrating motor, Filare has two balls that sit and move underneath its soft silicone surface. Turn the device on and those balls rotate around a center point. There are ten different speeds to choose from, as well as three rotation modes: one clockwise, one counterclockwise, and one that alternates direction and varies the depth of sensation. “Generally, what it’s designed for is to be put up against your clitoris or to surround your clitoris,” she says. “Filare is one of the best ways to start exploring biomimetic-type movements anywhere on your body—even just your neck.”

    Lora DiCarlo FILARE goop, $150

    Lora DiCarlo
    goop, $150



    Tilt has two independently controlled motors—one in the plug end for stimulation of the G-spot or the prostate, and another on the longer, outer arm that can be used to stimulate the clitoris or the perineum. The sensation of the vibrations isn’t like a typical buzzing; it’s more of a deep thrumming, radiating sensation. And the vibrator is designed to lie very flat to the body when it’s inserted.

    When you press the center button with the squiggly lines, Tilt warms up to 104℉, which is just a bit higher than your body’s temperature. “It’s not meant to be hot. What it’s meant to do is to warm up to a comfortable temperature to encourage blood flow. When you encourage that blood flow, you essentially encourage an erection in either a penis or a clitoris. The more blood flow you have going down there, the easier it is to relax and eventually achieve that orgasm.”

    Lora DiCarlo TILT goop, $140

    Lora DiCarlo
    goop, $140


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