After the year we’ve all had, most of us would probably respond “Whoa, there” to the concept of putting on any footwear less buoyant than house slippers. But as both temperatures and the number of vaccinated Americans rises, it’s time to consider shoes that can’t double as memory-foam pillows in the event of an emergency disco nap.

Thankfully, with REEF‘s latest sandal styles, you won’t need to sacrifice all-day comfort as you relearn how to dress for The Outside. The sandals combine the perfect amount of cushioning with sleek shapes that can handily take you from drinking Bloody Marias behind a partition to the socially distanced beach and beyond. Ahead, see our top picks from the new collection, with some highly specific ideas for how and where we’d wear them.

How we’d wear it: With a bricoleur-ed suit consisting of a vest and low-slung trousers in a neutral to complement the super-soft vegan leather and espadrille detailing.

Where we’d wear it: To lunch (chicken paillard, anyone?) on a veranda that turns into a night of dancing to circa-2018 hits on a rooftop (the bounce footbed can handle it.)

Reef Cushion Sol, $, available at Reef

How we’d wear it: With our flashiest bikini, an out-of-season cardigan as a coverup, and anklets galore.

Where we’d wear it: First, to the quietest beach we can find. Then, post-rinse-off (they’re water-resistant!), to eat a selection of fresh seafood.

Reef Water Vista, $, available at Reef

How we’d wear it: With very abbreviated cutoff shorts.

Where we’d wear it: To do the two step — the double-strap design will make sure the sandals stay put, while the lug sole adds height so you can tower over your partner to establish dominance.

Reef Cushion Vista Hi, $, available at Reef

How we’d wear it: Head-to-toe white linen, of course.

Where we’d wear it: Primo arch support means we’re hitting three block parties — at the very least.

Reef Cushion Court, $, available at Reef

How we’d wear it: With a high-cut maillot (in a bright color to offset the oversized straps), saucer-size sunglasses, and a coconut-milk-based beverage.

Where we’d wear it: Grifting our way into a private pool.

Reef Pool Float, $, available at Reef

How we’d wear it: With the biggest, tulle-iest princess dress we own.

Where we’d wear it: All over town, alternating between flouncing and biking —
with foam padding on the inside of straps, we won’t be home until the wee hours, don’t wait up.

Reef Drift Away LE, $, available at Reef

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