I know that I am expressing what is possibly the least profound societal opinion at the moment, but I still feel the need to say that I cannot wait to get away this summer. I can only imagine that Miranda Priestly would respond to this sentiment by saying something like: “Excited to travel in the post-COVID world? Groundbreaking,” but it’s just been so long. Every single aspect of the travel process feels endearing right now, including the part where I summon the nearest human being in my home to hold my suitcase closed while I attempt to slowly coax the zipper across it inch-by-inch. We’ve been storyboarding our vacation outfits for months at this point, but lest we forget an almost equally important aspect of this journey: what are we packing all of this stuff in? From your carry-on, to your checked bag, to your oh-so-necessary “personal item,” we’ve got you covered with our picks of everything you need to get your travel wardrobe from point A to point B.

Originally posted on coveteur.com