Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 30 finds on their current wish list.

I’ll warn you right now, there are quite a few expensive, investment-worthy items on this list. That said, I’ve always been a quality over quantity type of person, and I’d much rather invest my hard-earned money on fewer truly amazing products than more just so-so products. Can anyone else out there identify?

Contrary to what many might assume, I’ve tried to hone and tighten (versus expand and complicate) my product regimen as a beauty editor. I’m exposed to hundreds of new items on a weekly basis and that level of exposure, and the many inevitable disappointments that come with it, have caused me to hang on all the more tightly to the products that just can’t be beaten and that I’d happily use for the rest of my life, no questions asked. So today, I’m paying tribute! Below you’ll find 30 all-star beauty products I’d happily pack with me en route to a desert island I couldn’t leave for the rest of my days on earth. Spanning across all categories of beauty, you’ll find the unsurpassable standbys I’ve used since college intermixed with 2021 launches that have knocked my socks off. If you’re sick of perpetually being on the hunt for a 100% satisfying beauty investment, you’re in the right place. Keep scrolling! These won’t disappoint.

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