This isn’t a story solely about Skims, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to recently falling madly in love with the Skims Cotton Rib Briefs. It took me way too long to finally dip my toes into the Skims craze, but now that I have, I totally get it. The stylish and insanely comfortable undergarments made me realize that lounging around and sleeping in a cute pair of underwear just makes sense, and so, my obsession with buying and sleeping in briefs began. Coming from someone who used to sleep in sweatpants and a sweatshirt no matter what the season, this new sleeping arrangement was quite a departure from what I was used to, but I’m glad I made the switch and after reading this story, I think you will too. 

Now, please don’t develop the same toxic trait I have of buying briefs in excess, but I do want to encourage you to take a gander at a selection of briefs I’ve been loving and consider a pair for yourself. Now that summer is on the horizon, a warm-weather sleeping ‘fit just feels appropriate, and all the briefs below fit the bill. 

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