Kendra Kolb Butler
founder, Alpyn Beauty

A few years into her forties, baby-faced Kendra Kolb Butler’s workspace looks a lot different than it
did in the corporate boardrooms of her thirties—we recently caught up with her hand-harvesting nettle in a field
near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for her newest blockbuster serum. But her skin looks significantly glowier than it
used to. The Alpyn founder credits her drastic lifestyle change (she moved from NYC to Jackson Hole, had kids, and
started first a beauty boutique and then a skin-care brand), the increase in confidence she’s felt as she ages,
and clean, high-altitude-sourced skin care.

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“I thought I looked okay when I was in my thirties living in Manhattan working a corporate job, but I
didn’t feel my best,” she says. “Now, living in Jackson Hole after two kids, I’m in a slightly bigger pants size
but have never been happier, and I think that shows on my face.”

“People do say that I don’t look my age or that I have a ‘baby face,’ though I’ll admit it happens less now than it used to,” says Butler. “My husband is older than I am and still gets carded frequently, so the competition
is heating up!” What she finds especially flattering is a new comment that pops up more and more: “People say they
feel like they’ve known me forever. I love that. I’ve heard studies saying thirty-five is the favorite age of most
women, but I’m not so sure. I like the confidence that I seem to gain year after year by making mistakes and
learning from them. It’s like a new form of currency, beyond swiping the youth card.” Her advice for acquiring
that currency works no matter what your age.

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