I loved learning about your Donation of the Month program. What organizations have you donated to so far, and how are you picking them?

Through the Giving Tote bag, Sthr has donated to Loveland Foundation and Win NYC. Twenty percent of the proceeds from April and May along with 5% of Sthr’s last preorder round will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate. We choose organizations that are on the smaller side, so the amount we donate makes a direct impact! We also partnered with content creator Francis Lola and raised over $1000 for the AAPI community fund about a month and a half ago.

While on the subject of your donation program—which I believe I read started in response to the rise in violence toward the AAPI community—would you mind sharing with me the ways in which you’d like to see members of the fashion industry support the AAPI community, especially AAPI folks who actively work and participate in the industry?

The Giving Tote donation program actually launched with our line from the very beginning! As far as fashion-industry member engagement, I understand not everyone or every brand can donate. However, I think it’s just as important to spread awareness and not be silent about the recent events. I would love to see the AAPI folks in the industry share their own stories or experiences with others. I think, oftentimes, these members may not think that a donation or even a post may have that much of an effect. Thankfully, outreach on social media is exponential and not linear, so any sort of awareness is good awareness.

We like to give a little Spotlight love to other brands. What are two to three of your favorite brands you like to support, and why?

Caalo: Beautiful and luxurious outerwear brand founded by Chelsea Claridge. I love the idea of trans-seasonal outerwear. They have stunning trench coats that can convert from long to short.

Oori Ott: A sustainable loungewear brand founded by Korean American designer Hannah Park. Inspired by classic American sportswear and Korean tradition, Oori Ott pieces have a timeless and cool vibe.

Havre Studio: I love how the founder, Madeleine Frandsen, gives a second life to vintage menswear suits. Everything is recycled and repurposed. The brand’s iconic two-piece look is a must-have for every fashion person!

Originally posted on www.whowhatwear.com