This month is packed full of great recommendations if I do say so myself! From a book that offers a new perspective pertaining to trauma and ADD to the most adorable romantic comedy I’ve watched in years, here are my picks for this month’s edition of Things I Tried and Loved. 

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Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder by Gabor Maté


This book provides an incredible look at the origins of ADD and its relationship to generational trauma. If you are an adult with ADD and have young children, it can be difficult emotionally, as you may be trying to understand your own childhood while coming to grips with how these patterns are showing up in your own parenting. All this said, I found the book to be revealing and totally unique to anything out there on the topic. 


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Ere Perez Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint


This product is my favorite lip tint for this summer! It lasts and lasts and gives my face a brush of color without looking too “done up.” 


Crash Landing on You

Included with a Netflix subscription

I was the last person in my group of friends to watch this charming Korean romantic comedy and I can’t stop thinking about it. The best way I could describe it for Westerners would be that it’s a cross between Overboard and Sliding Doors. I was absolutely charmed by the entire cast, the slow-building romance between the two characters, and the fact that it was completely over the top yet never without true substance at the same time. 100 stars! Watch it on Netflix. 


Image via SKIMS

SKIMS Fits Everybody Bodysuits

$58 – $68

Kimmy K, you really made something with these bodysuits. I tried a couple different shapes and cuts and fabrics, and the ones you cannot miss are the Fits Everybody Square Neck Bodysuit and the Fits Everybody Long Sleeve Bodysuit. I don’t know how they did it, but my body really does look great in them. They are flattering, a little sexy, and SO SO comfortable. Perfect stables for all year round.  And the fabric is so supportive and thick (yet breathable) I don’t have to wear a bra (I’m a 36 DD). 


Image via Ordinary Habit

Ordinary Habits 100-Piece Puzzles

$20 each

With young kids, I don’t often have the right circumstances to dedicate time to bigger puzzles. With these little 100-piece puzzles, I can do them with my kids or if I need a quick break from work.


Image via West Elm

Farmhouse Pottery Silo Butter Keeper


In our family, there are few things more upsetting than spreading cold butter on toast. I was so excited to get a proper butter keeper for this reason. It keeps the butter soft and spreadable but still fresh and free from other odors in your kitchen that can affect the taste. This particular product is crafted by potters in Woodstock, VT.

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