The highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, June 21 and 22 to be exact. While the countdown is officially on for one of the best online shopping sales of the year, some advertised deals are too good to be true. The truth is, retailers know that consumers are not only looking for but expecting markdowns the closer we get to Prime Day. Because of this, tricks such as limited-time price gouging and other tactics are common. And, often, markdowns appear to be a great deal, when in reality the consumer is paying as much if not more than regular price.

How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Deals

Here at The Real Deal, we live for Prime Day and all the great savings that come with it. It’s the perfect time to stock up on essentials, splurge on favorites and take advantage of once-a-year prices. Here are a few tips and tricks to practice to get the most out of Prime Day 2021 — and spot the truly good deals as they pop up.

Add to Cart Beforehand

One way to make sure you get everything you’ve had your eye on and monitor any price changes is to add items to your cart. While not all Prime Deals are released until the major shopping day, there are tons of deals available early. If you’ve had your eye on a certain something, go ahead and add to cart. That way, when Prime Day rolls around you’ll be two-steps ahead of other shoppers and can head straight to checkout as soon as the price falls.

Utilize Price Tracking

Price trackers are the easiest way to monitor just how good a deal really is, especially for big-ticket items. By adding an Amazon price-tracking browser extension like camelcamelcamel or keepa, you’ll be able to easily monitor the prices of your most-wanted products as well as get price drop alerts so that you never miss a deal — all without doing any of the work. As mentioned before, many popular or sought-after items will actually see a price increase prior to a big sale such a Prime Day. Alas, when the day finally arrives, the product’s sale price reflects a normal retail value — tricking consumers into believing they’ve scored a great deal. Price trackers allow you to decipher such price gouging and avoid being duped into a deal.

Install RetailMeNot Deal Findertm Browser Extension

Prime Day or not, installing an automatic savings tracker like RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder is the easiest way to save each and every time you check out. Without even lifting a finger or hitting a key, Deal Finder applies every eligible coupon code and savings offer to your cart and applies the highest value found. I like to think of my trusty coupon extension as the last step in ensuring that I’m paying the best price on my order.

Download the Amazon App

Most retailers that offer in-app shopping typically include incentives to download and shop via app, such as exclusive Prime Day deals and early access to hot-ticket items. Download the Amazon App for an easy checkout experience as well as potential hidden savings.

Turn On One-Click Ordering

If you’re like the many shoppers who wait for Prime Day to purchase big-ticket items like TVs, laptops and game systems, turn on one-click shopping to ensure a quick checkout. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a sought-after item only to have it sell out right before you’re able to check out. Turning on one-click helps you speed up the process and secure a great deal.

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