When you’re holed up inside, confined to the four walls of your home for this long, it’s only a matter of time before you start reevaluating the things in it — including the clothes in your closet. And while decluttering years’ worth of garments is an impressive feat, streamlining your wardrobe and whittling it down to just the essentials is something else entirely. It takes an extraordinary amount of discipline — but Thatiana Diaz, senior editor of Refinery29’s Somos, was up to the task. As The Closet Curator, she began to rethink her approach to style, resolving to pare back on random items in favor of comfortable, neutral basics that she could wear over and over again (think: less chaotic evil, more lawful good). Ahead, read more about how she refined her look, what she’s learned, and the most surprising thing she discovered about herself.

Originally posted on www.refinery29.com