It’s been a long time coming, but summer is finally here! Now it’s time to talk our favorite topic— trends. This summer feels a little special; after months of cycling through a familiar formula of sweatshirts and lounge pants, the time has finally arrived to show off our best reemergence fits. (That also includes all the cute dresses, tops, and heels your heart desires.) To get you in the proper sartorial mood, we’re counting down the trends we’re putting on the back burner and the (affordable) ones that we’re eager to dive into this season. From the IG popular cottage-core revival to billowy maxi dresses, the trends we’re gravitating towards right now capture a relaxed, easy-going approach that favors loose shapes in favor of ultra-fitted, tight styles. There are a few more summer trends to get through, so get comfortable and keep scrolling to shop them all. 

Tailored suiting will always and forever be a fashion constant, but this summer, the hype for ultra structured pieces has given way to loose silhouettes with soft romantic details like ruffles and victorian collars. Take those airy milk-maid dresses we’ve been seeing everywhere: they have that throw-it-on-and-go appeal that takes the guesswork out of styling.

Shorts are a controversial topic for me, so count me thrilled that tight biker shorts are just about reaching the end of their life span. They never worked that well for my thicker thighs, so I’m all for adopting wide-leg shorts that let my lower half breathe. Pair them with a racerback tank and a loose button-down shirt for fashion-forward styling.

As we explained before, soft romantic details are having a moment, and you can thank the cottage-core craze for that. It’s all about looking like you’ve stepped out of a country garden getaway complete with lightweight fabrics, sweet collars, and big billowy sleeves.

Chances are you own a boiler suit or two, but this season consider putting them on pause in favor of a less structured alternative. The latter was a big trend a few years ago, but it’s been gradually cooling off among the fashion set. We’re keen on a more laid-back silhouette that feels appropriate for an easy-going summer.

Also in the mix of pieces that are on the backburner this season—slip dresses. I admittedly own a whole collection of them, to the point where I’m at slip-dress fatigue. Sure it’s a closet staple, but less clingy styles right now have gained my full attention. This one-shoulder dress and buckle-belt dress are on-point for the billowy dress trend that’s been popping up lately, and better yet they’re both under $40.

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