You guuuuuuuuys, my house is starting to really look like a “real” house now!! We painted the fireplace white and we love it, and we added a dreamy boucle curved sofa and a sleek boucle swivel chair for all the glam ’70s vibes that my heart is going after. Those pieces really are making the room come together and I absolutely love them!! I’m so glad I put a swivel chair there next to the fire and the big windows because you can swivel around between both of them as necessary and Lola and I watch birds out of the window in the morning, so we get in swivel action on the daily … I just need to get the perfect print for over the fireplace and we are set! Here’s what else I love this week!

-I got a customized print with a ’70s font phrase on it for our dining room and I love it!! I’m a big fan of the movie Funny Girl, so I made mine “I love you like Fanny loves Nick”…

-Got the cutest pet bed for my office so the cats can snooze in there with me.

-Prettiest beach umbrella ever. We’ve been using it in our yard next to our blow up pool and it makes me feel like I’m on holiday at home.

-This heated coffee mug is legit. I’ve tried the warming coasters before and they just didn’t work, but you can change the temp through your phone to find your perfect sweet spot, and I’ve been using it every day.

-Bought these slide on sandals to try because I saw the 32,000 good reviews (yep, you read that right) and they are great for running around in the yard (they are kind of a foam so you can rinse them off really easily) and they will be great for going to the pool as well!

-Love round sunnies right now (and they are a great price, too).

-So happy that our community pool is now open!! I grew up going to community pools all summer long, as they have a lot of them in Pittsburgh and ours has a big water slide and splash area, so it’s perfect for Lola’s age. She basically drags us up the steps of the water slide over and over and over … she loves it!! I’ve always loved water parks, so I’m glad to see that she’ll be ready to go with me and go on all the big slides as she gets older too … thinking of getting her these for her swim lessons—so cute!

-Got this as my “fun” shirt for summer. Hoping it comes in time to wear when we go to our local amusement park this month—I feel like it’s basically the perfect shirt to ride roller coasters in!

-I believe in this!!

-This terrazzo rug in our living room is the perfect amount of playful color, and I like that it brings some cool tones into the room since most of the colors I’ve been choosing are warm. So cute!

Hoping we get a point this summer where we can take some breaks from renovating and go out to enjoy the city! I’m picturing brunches, coffees out, parks, and maybe some city festivals depending on what’s on the calendar this year … can’t wait! xo. Laura

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