The fashion crowd has been embracing pleated miniskirts and dresses for the last few seasons now. As style-setters have been showcasing recently, the tennis-like or plaid silhouettes are actually some of the chicest skirt options you can go for at the moment. It’s a classic look and is quite forward in nature, especially when styled with of-the-moment pieces. In fact, we actually highlighted how influencers are wearing the skirt trend. We thought we’d take it one step further and call out the specific modern and fashionable basics that work flawlessly with pleated miniskirts.

In reality, just about any top or sweater could work with this skirt or dress, but there are a few key next-level items that seem to be front-runners for many. We’re talking about pieces like cute T-shirts and relaxed knitwear. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to wear this trendy skirt trend, whether you’ve been wearing the look already or want to try it once and for all. There’s also a bunch of inspired shopping picks coming your way.

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