Hi there. I hope you’re having a good weekend. We’re actually heading out for a family vacation to Florida this week. I’m really grateful for a chance for our kiddos to see their cousins, but I’m nervous about the heat, so I ordered a bunch of these neck fans. Fingers crossed they do the job!

1. I’m blown away by Justina’s Target Collection. My favorite pieces are the furniture (you know I can never say no to rattan) as well as the bedding (I got a scalloped quilt the first day they were in stores!).

2. Loving these short-sleeve jumpsuits. I’ve been collecting Big Bud jumpsuits for like, five years. I love them.

3. Did you know Megan Markle has a new children’s book? It’s adorable, and she chose our absolute NUMBER ONE favorite artist as her illustrator. It’s beautiful! You can see Christian Robinson’s full book list here (our favorites are The Last Stop On Market Street, Gaston, Little Penguins, and You Matter).

4. We just watched Hacks and I loved it. Please tell me if you’re loving any new (or new-ish) shows. We loved Mythic Quest as well.

5. The cutest straw bag from Etsy.

6. A strawberry margarita infusing kit. Sounds fun to me!

7. My current phone case.

8. My swimsuit drawer is full, but I really want this one.

9. I recently spent a whole night falling down a rabbit hole of A-frame house plans on Etsy. So fun to dream! (Probably the only a-frame in my future is a playhouse for our backyard, but still).

10. I think I’m going to try this bra next. What’s your favorite comfortable bra? I’m trying to branch out from wearing sports bras so often.

xx- Elsie

Originally found on abeautifulmess.com