The best pyjamas come in all shapes and styles this season, gone are the days of the humble button-up nightgown. With WFH becoming the norm, sales of loungewear and sleepwear have risen massively, and brands are serving up Instagram-worthy looks in response to this.

While during those days it can help to still dress up to try and keep as much of a routine as possible and make yourself feel better, sometimes it’s lovely to just stay in your PJs. Luckily, it just so happens that I have plenty of gorgeous sleepwear recommendations for you.

As we slowly come out of the winter season, oversized silk pyjamas and linen shirts make for the perfect trans-seasonal outfit. Cult brand Sleeper have off-the-shoulder button-up dresses they restock regularly, and they make for the perfect holiday outfit too – when those are allowed of course.

Feeling decadent? For designer sleepwear, head to our favourites Desmond & Dempsey, Three Graces, Agent ProvocateurOlivia Von Halle and La Perla, where you’ll find everything from luxurious lace-trimmed silk slips to short linen suits.

Sustainable sleepwear

If you’re looking to add more sustainable clothing brands to your wardrobe, then there’s no reason to stop at pyjamas. The key is to do your research on the fabric, prioritising those that are as natural as possible so they will stand the test of time, but also avoiding blends that aren’t easily recyclable.

For example, 100% cotton or 100% recycled polyester can be recycled, but a blend of both can’t be, for the moment at least. It’s also worth looking at how ethical the fabrics are.

Companies such as Nightire and Luna & Noon use vegan silk rather than silk derived from silk worms, and if cotton or linen are your preference, make sure the fabrics are certified fairtrade and organic, so you know that workers are treated fairly. You can usually find this information on the product page or on the ‘about us’ page online, though you can always call Customer Service for more information.

Here’s an edit of the best pyjamas to shop now.

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