How to shop a designer bag second hand


Courtesy of LePrix

WHO: Emily Erkel, co-founder and CMO, LePrix 

How has working at LePrix changed how you view secondhand pieces?

I always loved vintage and secondhand ever since my co-founder and sister Elise Whang and I were young. As we grew LePrix, the only place to shop pre-owned luxury from the best vintage stores, our appreciation and love of vintage has grown. By working with these fantastic vintage stores, each a vintage expert, we have learned so much. When you hear about the craftsmanship of a certain vintage, who may have carried it, and the history behind the style, your love of pre-owned will only grow.

As someone who is well versed within the secondhand market, are there any tips you wish you had known about luxury resale when you first started? 

My first tip is to do the research. Narrow down the brand, style, and color of the bag for the price range you want. Then when you do come across your dream bag, don’t hesitate. The second tip is the moment you see your dream bag act on it because vintage is all one of a kind—once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ve learned that the hard way.

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