There are a number of people I look to on the regular to find outfit inspiration from, and London-based stylist Anna Vitiello is at the top of that list. With a wardrobe that looks like it’s been plucked from the ’80s in the best possible way, she has a knack for dressing in sculptural silhouettes, bold colors, and eye-catching accessories. Plus, she has a strong personal sense of style that isn’t swayed by what everyone else is wearing.

Perhaps my favorite thing about her take on fashion, though, is her stance on normalizing the idea of rewearing pieces in your wardrobe. In a recent Instagram post, pictured in her signature pair of geometric Loewe sunglasses, she spoke about the importance of investing in pieces to wear again and again rather than putting something on to wear for a single photo.

Curious to hear more, I spoke with Vitiello about why she thinks it’s an important topic. “As we all know, social media has normalized having a new outfit for every post. It feels like consumption is at an all-time high, and what we need is directly the opposite,” she explained. “Slower consumption will not only benefit our pockets but the planet and our well-being, too—the pressure of wearing something new or ‘hot’ all the time is one that no one needs.”

What she recommends instead is a tight edit of fashion items you really love and plan to wear into the future. “Reaching for a few pieces that you know make an outfit come together is a more enjoyable way to get dressed,” she explained, “and also gives us the opportunity to refine our own personal style.” Here, she’s sharing the top five items from her curated wardrobe and why she wears each of them on repeat.

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