When I was in elementary school, a classmate asked me what my favorite color was, and my response was gold. My answer received an immediate disapproving rebuttal: “That doesn’t count. It’s not in the crayon box.” While my fellow grade-schooler was correct (well, until Crayola released the 64 count box), I didn’t care about that fact. I loved all things glittery and gold even though I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup (only clear MAC Lipglass) except for special occasions until I was 18. But I wore gold nail polish as a teen exclusively.

Now that I’m an adult, I get to wear my love of gold on my literal sleeve and my eyelids. My beauty roadmap for a signature gold eye shadow look is Beyoncé. She always serves us gorgeous gold looks (her OTR II Tour and Formation eye looks are iconic) no matter the occasion. Working with gold shadows can take a little trial and error, but once you find a single shade or palette that compliments your skin tone and eye color, you can rock gold from day into night. Keep scrolling to see my 21 favorite gold makeup looks that go from subtle to full glam.

Originally posted on www.whowhatwear.com