Before we exit the chat, I have to ask Van Patten another cringe-worthy question (after all, this is a show about mental health in the year 2021): “So Grace, do you have a wellness routine or particular practice?” Van Patten doesn’t miss a beat, quipping that if Nicole Kidman was actually a guru, she could be convinced to become a follower. “The first time I met Nicole was right before we shot the first scene [at Tranquillum],” she recalls. “It was exactly how it was described in the script. I got chills. I was so mesmerized by her presence, and I was like, ‘Whatever you say’ automatically.” But in reality, Van Patten is confidently pursuing her own path. In addition to taking long walks in Brooklyn, doing hot yoga, and cooking at home, she’s a self-proclaimed skincare obsessive. “I had a [face] mask on before this—I almost signed on wearing it—offline, you will always catch me in a mask,” she divulges. Today’s treatment of choice? Osea’s White Algae Mask, which, incidentally, promises a visibly brighter complexion—perfect for a day of Zoom interviews. 

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